Letter to my son

Wow! I can not believe it! Tomorrow, you will turn 11.  Where, oh where has the time gone? It really truly seems like yesterday that I just found out you were coming.  Geez! So many emotions running through me tonight.

I remember the day of our sonogram when they told us “its a boy!” Your dad responded with a resounding “YES!” which was heard in the hallway.  Me? My heart sank only a smidgen and really only from fear! I had only really ever been around girls and had no idea what to do with a boy and all that, equipment!  But, the moment I felt you kick in response to my voice, I knew that was it.  The moment I held you in my arms, my heart melted and then all I could think, was how this wonderful, beautiful, perfect little creature was totally dependent on me to guide him through this world.  Little did I know that almost 11 years and a diagnosis of Fragile X Syndrome later, YOU would be the one teaching me.  My sweet boy, you inspire me every single day to be a better person.  You have introduced me to a whole new world and taught me how to find OUR place in it.  You have taught me the true meaning of unconditional love and how to see the joy in everything around us.  I complain a lot less than I used to because, let’s face it, we have it pretty good. I thank God every single day for you and I still, rush home from work or where ever I am, to be home with you.  My favorite time of day, is getting greeted at the door by both you and your sister.

You are growing more and more each and every day, and you still manage to surprise me. You enrich the life of every single person you encounter, THAT is rare trait and one to be treasured.

So, my wish for you, my sweet sweet boy, on this the eve of your 11 year on this earth, is this (at the risk of sounding corny) is that “your life becomes all that you want it to”.

Happy happy birthday my sweet boy! I want to shout it from the rooftops and have the biggest celebration for you but I know that’s not what would make you happy.  So, I will try to dial it down, for you, so that YOU can have the day that YOU want.  You are growing up so fast my boy and try as I may, I can’t slow you down.  I am so incredibly proud to have been chosen to be your mom and I wouldn’t change one single thing about you.

Love, momma

Who knew you liked apples????

Who knew you liked apples????

Your most favorite place to be!

Your most favorite place to be!


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