Normalcy achieved?

Got home from work today and saw something that made just made me super happy.  For the last couple of weeks, it seems as if all the neighboring kids have emerged from their shells.  The beautiful thing is that our house is one of the 5 that they are frequenting.  As I watched these 7, sometimes 8, kids that range in age from 4-10 playing together, I flash back to my days of growing up  with my friends from the neighborhood playing from sunup to sunset.  There was a group of about 5-8 of us that spent many hours playing in the streets, playing in the fields and the ditches behind our houses, and playing in backyards.  Our parents didnt seem to worry much about us, and you always seemed to be able to hear your mom call you home for dinner.  I often lament about how times have changed but when I pulled into my driveway today and saw this group of kids playing together, just being kids, I realized that maybe those times arent over.  I love to watch these kids because to them, it doesnt matter the age difference, the racial difference or the fact that one of them is almost non-verbal, they are just kids, having fun.  Its one of the things that my husband and I agree on for BOTH kids.  We want them to have a normal childhood, and experience the things we did and even some of the things we didnt get to experience.

Then comes the knock on the door from one of the kids, that tells us that while they were roughhousing, and playing around, Logan took it a little too far and hit one of the other kids inthe head with the chair.  We pause the football game we are watching and I sigh, oh well, those beautiful “normal” moments in parenting are what I long for!