Hello world!

Okay, so here I go! Been pondering for a while to start a blog and here it is.  So, now what?

So had a really great day today.  Got our call from the Fragile X Clinic in Houston and we have an appointment in November.  I can hardly wait! To be able to sit down with someone who knows about Fragile X is something I have been wanting since we got our diagnosis almost 5 years ago.  So after the initial excitement comes the anxiety.  How is Logan going to do on the 5 hour drive to Houston and then in an unfamiliar place and unfamiliar people? Is it going to tramatic for him? for us?  I am at least somewhat comforted by the idea that we will be going some place that has seen other kids with fx so if we have a meltdown, no big deal! At least Logan is good traveller.  Well, he is when it’s just he and I.  For some strange reason when we travel as a family, both kids feel the need to act up.  It’s like they are fighting for attention of both my husband and myself.  I guess in that respect, they are like typical kids. I guess that is one of those tiny glimpses of normalcy that creep in every once in a while!